Hoisting plug TAN-3 / TAN-6

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Water Swivels for wireline diamond core drilling



Water swivels

Hoisting plug TAN-3 / TAN-6

A hoisting plug is the appropiate tool to set the rods in their drilling position and to help extracting the drill string.

On its upper part (Hoist) is fitted to the rig main winch cable and in its lower part (Thread) to the rod to be placed or extracted from the hole.

It’s essential to choose the correct Hoisting plug according to the load to be pulled out. The thread connection to the rod must be kept in perfect conditions.

Roschen offers two types of Hoisting plugs:

1. TAN-3: suitable for geotechnical investigation or shallow holes. Direct connection to type of rod. It’s manufactured including a side air/water hose connection for use it as a core extracting device. It’s recommended for loads up to 6,000 kg.

2. TAN-6: suitable for deep holes or mining works.

It’s thread is NW box and requires adaptors for different type of rods. It’s recommended for loads up to 20,000 kg.

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