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Roschen Launches Instrumentation Line

Roschen offers a wide range of underground, surface, multipurpose, sonic and production drill rigs; performance tooling; and now it’s launching the first two products in its new instrumentation line: RosCore Orientation system, Multishot inclinometer systems.

Roschen Launches Instrumentation Line

The RosCore Orientation system is the first alternative solution in the marketplace for electronic core orientation, according to the company. RosCore enables drillers to provide the accurate data and results mining clients count on with ease.

Multishot is designed for the drill site. The Multishot magnetic survey tool provides wireless communication in a robust, user-friendly configuration. It was used in Australia, New Zealand, Brasil, USA.

Other Roschen products include:

. RS110 Underground Rig – Designed as a modular drill rig with a number of options for site-specific customization.

. Drill Control Interface (DCi) – Provides drilling contractors a fully electronic interface to safely and efficiently operate underground drilling equipment via an independent, lightweight control panel.

. RF160 Drill Rig and Freedom Loader – Created with customers’ needs in mind, the RF160 surface coring rig is one of the first completely hands-free rod handling solutions with an optional rod loader.

. RS250 Mini Sonic – A compact sonic rig that provides an overall safer working environment for drillers. The rig is ideally suited for a wide range of environmental and infrastructure drilling applications, including difficult-to-reach drill sites.

. Diamond Bits – A full lineup of diamond bits that are designed for a wide range of drilling needs are available. The 14 UMX Diamond Bit series is a combination of synthetic diamonds and an advanced formulation, which make it the ideal choice for the very hardest rock formations. UMX Diamond Bits are a versatile line of diamond coring bits that uses patent-pending technology.