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AQ,BQ,NQ,HQ,PQ, Minging core drill bits for geological core drilling

Created on:2023-12-18 16:29

AQ,BQ,NQ,HQ,PQ, Mining core drill bits for geological core drilling

In Mineral exploration industry, impregnated core drill bits is the most commontly used type.

It has a widest range of application. widely used in all kinds of drillings for prospecting, water and electricity building and construction industry of road, railway, bridge and building taking out core to examine stake

With top grade of sythetic diamonds,  our bits abtain optimum penetration and working life.  


AQ,BQ,NQ,HQ,PQ, Minging core drill bits Specifications
Code OD(mm) ID (mm) Reaming shell O.D.(mm)
AQ   27 48
BQ 59.6 36.4 60
NQ 75.3 47.6 75.7
HQ 96 63.5 96
PQ 122.2 85 122.7
TNW 75.3 60.5 75.5
T2101 101 84 101.5
T6131 131 108 131.5
NMLC 75 52 75.5
HMLC 98 63.5 98.5
NWM 75.3 54.7 75.8



Q1:Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
We are factory. Quality and lead time is assured.

Q2: Can I have a sample before a formal order?
Yes, sample is available for you to test the quality.

Q3: What is your lead time?
Generally, 3-7 days. For large orders 15-25 days is enough.

Q4: Did your company ever worked with big companies?
Yes, we have.  Some of our clients are very big companies, from Canada, America, Russia, Brazil etc.

Q5: What products do you provide?
Impregnated diamond core bits, surface set diamond core bits, diamond reaming shells, water swivel, hoisting plug, Q-core barrel, core tube, drill rod adapter coupling, driving drill rod adapter,screw tap, commonly thickened rod, and swivel-tube core barrel and so on.