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BQ NQ HQ PQ Wireline Drill Rod Core Barrel Inner tube and Outer tube series

Created on:2023-12-18 14:21

BQ NQ HQ PQ Wireline Drill Rod Core Barrel Inner tube and Outer tube series


High Light: drill extension rod, oil hardening drill rod

 BQ NQ HQ PQ Wireline Drill Rod Core Barrel  Inner tube and Outer tube series 


NQ-HQ-PQ Drill Rod Technical Datas
TYPE Outer Dia (mm) Internall Dia (mm) Thickness (mm) Lenght (m)
NQ 69,9 60,3 5 3
HQ 88,9 77,8 5,5 3
PQ 114,3 103,2 5,5 3


Wireline Drill Rods Specification:
a. Yield Strength: 865Mpa
b. Tensile Strength: 960Mpa
c. Elongation: 17.5%
d. Pipe Body Hardness: 30/31 HRC
e. Thread Body Hardness: 50HRC above,Both Male and female Threads are Nickel Phosphorus Coating
f. Pipe life designed for 7000meters


1. high quality alloy tube
2. thru-wall heat treated tube body
3. consistent concentricity, straightness
4. tapered threads
Raw materials:
ROSCHEN only choose the best steel tubes in the market to manufacture our rods and pipes. Spot check will be conducted after the steel tubes delivered to company. We will make sure the compositions and specifications match the inspection report form the suppliers.

Heat treatment control:
Heat treatment will greatly improve the material strength and increase the thread wear life of the rods and casings. We conduct either tru-wall or both ends heat treatment to the tube body. After heat treatment, strength, hardness, straightness and concentricity of the treated tubes will be tested in our lab.


Thread opening process:
Accuracy of threads will determine the use effects and life time of drill rod and casings.
CNC latches and form cutter are used in thread opening processing to minimize error made by anthropic factors.

Additional thread treatment:

Surface of the threads will be cleaned to remove burr adhered after threads are opened.
Afterwards, the tread surface will be phosphated to improve surface conditions.


1. Drill rod:BQ,NQ,HQ,PQ,  NW HW

2. Core barrel:   BQ NQ  NQ2 NQ3 HQ HQ3 PQ PQ3 & head assembly and assembly  

3. BQ,NQ,HQ,PQ, T2, T6 etc. Diamond core bit, reaming shell & shoe bit (syn. and surface-set, PDC)

4. Drill tool: hoisting plug, water swivel, overshot, outer tube & inner tube wrench, foot clamp,etc