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U100 Sampler for Soil Testing

Created on:2023-06-27 13:41

U100 sampling system, U100 samplers

U100 (U4) and U70 Samplers - used for obtaining undisturbed samples in most soils and some weak rocks. The U100 sampler gives a nominal 100 mm (4") diameter sample and the U70 gives a nominal 70 mm diameter sample.

U100 Sampling Systems

This equipment is designed for obtaining undisturbed samples in most soils and some weak rocks such as Chalk and Marl. The sampler produces a nominal 100 mm (4") diameter soil core, approximately 450 mm (18") long. 

The sample tube with attached cutting shoe is driven into the ground by means of a Sliding Hammer. 

A Drive Head (or Bell Housing) fits between the Sliding Hammer and the Sample Tube and contains an "overdrive space" and a ball valve. The ball valve allows air to be released as the tube is driven into the ground. 

Two types of U100 sampling system are in common use :

Standard System
Consists of a Steel or Aluminium Sample Tube,Cutting Shoe and optional Corecatche Cutting shoes are case-hardened and may have a plain or serrated edge. Plastic or Alloy End Caps are available to fit sample tubes and a special Sealing Wax is used for long-term storage of samples.

Plastic Liner System
Consists of a steel Body Tube, which encloses a replaceable Plastic Liner. Plain or serrated Cutting Shoes attach onto the base of the Body Tube, and an optional Corecatcher and Spacer Ring (required when a Corecatcher is used). Plastic End Caps are available to fit the plastic liners. 

Although using Plastic Liners reduces the overall cost of obtaining and storing samples, the cutting shoe is necessarily thicker and thus the sample significantly more disturbed compared with the Standard System.

For both systems Connectors are available to join two or more sample tubes together in series.

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