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CSK 146 Drill Rod

Created on:2023-06-25 20:12

CSK 146 Drill Rod

Geobor S 146 Drill Rod

CSK 146 Drill Rod

CSK 176 Drill Rod

CSK 146 Drill Rod

SK6L 146 Drill Rod

CSK 146 Wire Line drill rods 5ft length for CSK 146 triple tube core barrel drilling

SK6L Wire Line drill rods

CSK 146 Wire Line drill rods
CSK 176 Wire Line drill rods

NSK-176/132 Wire Line drill rods

NSK-146/102 Wire Line drill rods

Geobor-S Triple Tube Wire Line drill rods


Wire Line Drilling
Such as CSK-176/146, Geobor-S, SK6L, PQ, HQ, NQ, BQ, AQ, HXB II, NXB II.
For all geological formations from extremely soft to ultra hard. The best and fastest method to obtain an excellent core quality even in very deep boreholes.


Double Tube Core
Such as T-Series, D-Serie, SF Series.
The classic core barrel in sedimentary and fragile, soft to hard geological formations for shallow wells.

Single Tube Core Systems
Such as B-Series.
Probably the simplest and cheapest variant of a core barrel. Used in compact and solid rock formations.

NSK 146 and NSK 176 cable core barrels
Cable core barrels are dual-core tubes for drilling at great depth into all formations.


Product features
The advantage compared to standard dual-core tubes is that the drill string can remain in the drill hole. The inner tube is pulled up through the pipe with a gripping device and discarded.


The core can be removed. A second inner tube set can be inserted immediately, which results in significant time savings. The borehole remains lined during extraction.

Type NSK-146/102 and NSK-176/132 standard usable lengths: 1.5 m and 3.0 m.