Mincon MR120 RC Hammer for reverse circulation africa gold drilling

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Mincon MR120-LA RC Hammer (4 1/2″ Metzke)



Retrievable Type RC Reverse Circulation Drill Hammer Bits For Well Drilling

Mincon MR120 RC Hammer for reverse circulation africa gold drilling 

Roschen manufactures an extensive range of hammers for a variety of industries including construction, exploration, geothermal, mining, seismic, and waterwell. The company employs a whole quality philosophy which covers all aspects of design and manufacturing, ensuring only state of the art products leave their plants. Roschen hammers are known for their performance, reliability, and longevity.

Roschen Group limited is happy to assist with your Roschen hammer selection and to provide product support to keep you running long afterward. Contact us today!

Roschen DTH, Reverse Circulation Hammer mattch For Exploration Drilling 127-178 mm Bit

RC series reverse circulation Hammer is the latest developed product of our company. It is mainly used for deep exploration drilling and ore grade control.


It has the following characteristics:

1. Based on previous experience of ordinary hammers, combined with the features of reverse circulation hammer, optimized internal structure and ideal energy transfer, thus ensuring the series of hammers drilling with fast, smooth and continuous sampling.

2. The internal structure is very simple with components of high rigidity, thus ensuring long life and easy maintenance of the hammer.


3. The collection tube adopts an integrative design and can be replaced without disassembling the hammer. With carburizing treatment, it has good abrasive resistance.

4. Equipped with bits designed with patent. Simply by replacing the drill bit, the same hammer can drill holes of different sizes ensuring that the sample is not contaminated.

5. In difficult conditions such as loose soil, hard rock and plenty of water exists, sampling can be done well.


Roschen RC Hammer Technical Data
DTH hammer typeHRC45DTH hammer typeHRC55HRC65HRC52
Length(with bit)1020Length(with bit)111112501208
Weight(less bit)94Weight(less bit)66.511070
External diameterΦ99External diameterΦ126Φ146Φ126
Bit shankHRC45Bit shankHRC55HRC65HRC65
Hole range(mm)Φ114-127Hole range(mm)Φ133-152Φ155-190Φ133-146
Connection threadupon drill the tube
Working pressure1.0-3.0MpaWorking pressure1.3-3.5Mpa1.3-3.5Mpa1.5-3.5Mpa
Impact rate at 1.7Mpa30HzImpact rate at 2.4Mpa35Hz28Hz35Hz
Recommended Rotation speed25-40r/minRecommended Rotation speed25-40r/min25-40r/min25-40r/min
Air consumption1.0Mpa8.0m3/minAir consumption1.7Mpa16.0m3/min20.0m3/min16.0m3/min

Reverse circulation drill bits technical specification
Drill BitBit Dia. (mm)NO.AirGaugeFrontWeightPart No.

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