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Drill Pipe , water well drill pipes



3 1/2" size G-105 grade API drill pipe

Drill Pipe For Chinese Factories

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Drill pipe, is hollow steel, thin-walled, steel or aluminium alloy piping that is used on drilling rigs. It is hollow to allow drilling fluid to be pumped down the hole through the bit and back up the annulus. It comes in a variety of sizes, strengths, and wall thicknesses, but is typically 27 to 32 feet in length . Longer lengths, up to 45 feet, etc.

Drill Pipes Specifications
Outer DiameterThreadWall thicknessLength
602 3/8FEDP (Failing connection)
Mayhew Junior
Mayhew Regular

2 3/8" API REG
2 7/8" API REG
3 1/2" API REG
4 1/2" API REG
6 5/8" API REG

2 3/8" API IF
2 7/8" API IF
3 1/2" API IF
4 1/2" API IF

3 1/2" BECO
4 1/2" BECO
5 1/4" BECO
10" BECO
12" BECO
893 1/25~91000-9600
1144 1/26~93000-12600
1335 1/48~153000-12600
1405 1/28~153000-12600
1686 5/89.53000-12600
2007 7/89.63000-12600
Roschen Drill Pipe make by Friction Welding.
Any special specification of Drill Pipe is available by request.

About drill pipes more questiones

What size is drill pipe?

Standard drill pipes usual is 31 feett long section of tubes pipe.but may be anywhere from 18 to 45 feet in length..

What is drill pipe in oil and gas?

 Drill Pipe is a tube shaped conduit made of steel that is fitted with specially made threaded ends that are known as tool joints. Drill stems have a thin walled tubular casing for tapping the natural resources that are present in the oil reservoirs

What is a drill pipe connection?

Every section of drill pipe is fitted with two ends, which are added to the pipe after manufacturing and are called tool joints. Tool joints provide high-strength, threaded connections that can withstand large amounts of pressure.The female end, or “box”, is threaded on the inside of the pipe

How are drill pipes classified?

Drill pipe is most often considered premium class, which is 80% remaining body wall (RBW). After inspection determines that the RBW is below 80%, the pipe is considered to be Class 2 or "yellow band" pipe. Eventually the drill pipe will be graded as scrap and marked with a red band.

How long is a stand of drill pipe?

The drill pipe “joints” are made in 31.6 ft (9.6 m) lengths and are run and stored horizontally on the ship in three-joint sections known as “triples” or “stands” 

What is an API thread?

API Coupling refers to the steel couplings that used in connecting casing pipe and tubing. Also known by OCTG coupling, it is usually manufactured in seamless type, material grade same with the pipe body (API 5CT K55/J55, N80, L80, P110 etc), same PSL or providing higher grades than requested

Oilfield Pipe

This steel tubing is typically made of iron or steel and some still have couplings attached. They are a great structural material.

What is the difference between drill pipe and drill collar?

The average length of both a drill pipe and a drill collar are both around 31 feet. Drill collars also have a larger outer diameter and smaller inner diameter than drill pipe. This means that the threaded ends can be machined directly onto the drill collar, and not applied after production, as with drill pipe.

How strong is drill pipe?

IS 135 ksi

Drill pipe steel is commonly quenched and tempered to achieve high yield strengths (135 ksi is a common tube yield strength).

How long is a stand of drill pipe?

The drill pipe “joints” are made in 31.6 ft (9.6 m) lengths and are run and stored horizontally on the ship in three-joint sections known as “triples” or “stands” (Fig.

How long is oilfield pipe?

around 30 ft

A length of pipe, usually referring to drillpipe, casing or tubing. While there are different standard lengths, the most common drillpipe joint length is around 30 ft [9 m]. For casing, the most common length of a joint is 40 ft [12 m].

total length of the string of drill collars may range from about 100 to 700 ft or longer. The purpose of drill collars is to furnish weight to the bit

What is heavy weight drill pipe?

A Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP) looks like a normal drill pipe except for an upset centered along the tube which helps to prevent excessive buckling. ... HWDP is used most commonly in directional drilling because it bends more easily and helps to control torque and fatigue in high-angle operations

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