Slotted PVC Well Screen Capacity And Slotted PVC Pipes Usage Fields

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Water well casing PVC-U wall pipe and Water filter screen pipe system specification

Slotted PVC Well Screen Pipe Capacity And Slotted PVC Pipes Usage Fields

The Capacity of Slotted PVC Well Screen.

Slotted PVC Well Screen is made from PVC pipes, which is extrudered by the plastic pipe extrusion machine.

The Slotted PVC Well Screen has the capacity of PVC pipes. Such as Excellent sanitary performance, PVC pipe is produced by used Tin or Ca/Zn stabilizer, its sanitary performance is full according to GB/T17219 standard and Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China related water criterion. 

So the Slotted Pvc Pipes are same with this features. 

Second, Service life long

Traditional pipe service life is 20-30 years. PVC pipe service life is at least 50 years at a set temperature and pressure. 

Third, PVC pipe has stable chemical property, which can resistant most of acid and alkali. 

Besides, Slotted PVC pipes is easy installing, it has the elastic seal ring joint, cement joint, larger cross flowing, and is the best choice replace of steel pipes and concreted slotted pipes in many fields.

The Slotted PVC Pipes are widely used in below fields:

1. Slotted PVC Pipes Collect and discharge seeped water in soil

PVC-M slotted (bored) pipe can be used in many applications, airport, railway, highway, playground, park greenbelt protect soil wall, basement, tunnel, slope drain system. It may reduce ground water pressure, discharge superabundance water, protect soil mass and building not destroyed for seep, flowers and plant not waterlog. This project commonly is web distribution, collect together and discharge.

2. Slotted PVC Pipes Seeped liquid collect

main application: mine sand dam, thermal power plant ash dam, landfill drained and seeped system.

3. Slotted PVC Pipes Rainwater collect

In ground water lack area, collect water can help people better life. PVC-M pipe has higher slotted (bored) rate, excellent water purifier performance, is a better choice for collect rainwater.

4. Slotted PVC Pipes Well pipe, water purifier pipe

Plastic well pipe and water purifier pipe research and develop, and apply, can efficiency solute cast iron and steel well pipe erode distortion, destroy, flow sand problems.

well pipe and water purifier pipe made procedure: well pipe length 500-600mm, water purifier pipe length 1000-2000mm, pipe wall slotted (bored) numbers depend on design water purifier rate.

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