PVC Slotted Screens/ Water Filter Slotted PVC Tubes

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Water well casing PVC-U wall pipe and Water filter screen pipe system specification



UPVC PVC Plastic Screen Tube for Water Well Casing Pipe and Screen Pipes Tubes for borewell

PVC Slotted Screens/ Water Filter Slotted PVC Tubes

pvc screen pipe

Material: U PVC

Color: Grey , white , blue or as request

Standard: GB/T10002.1-2006

Size(OD): 20mm 25mm 32mm 40mm 50mm 63mm 75mm 90mm 110mm140mm 160mm 180mm 200mm 225mm 250mm 280mm 315mm 355mm 400mm 450mm 500mm 560mm 630mm 710mm 800mm

Length: 3m, 6m, 8m or as request

Usage: Water supply or well casing

MOQ: 500m or negotiation

PVC Slotted Screens/ Water Filter Slotted PVC Tubes are used to cut the PVC pipes to make the slots all over the PVC pipe, so that water or other liquid can flow through, in order to exploit the screen collecting capability to maximum level. Slots are horizontal to pipes generatricies. Data show that horizontal openings are very hydraulically efficient and provide high collapse resistance thanks to the arc shape of the material around them. PVC Screens are usually used in fine soils to build up artesian wells, for drainages etc. The PVC Screens are processed according to customer’s needs, For example, the slots length, the slots quantity, requested open area. Also on the PVC pipe, there are usually one side slotting surface, or two sides slotting surface, or 3 sides slotting surface or four sides slotting surface.

PVC Slotted Screens/ Water Filter Slotted PVC Tubes is mainly used for water well pipe, and also can be used to rainwater collected pipe, seeped pipe, drip irrigation. PVC Slotted Screens/ Water Filter Slotted PVC Tubes are used in many applications, airport, railway, highway, playground, park greenbelt protect soil wall, basement, tunnel, slope drain system, mine sand dam, thermal power plant ash dam, landfill drained and seeped system, rainwater collect and recycle system, agriculture irrigation system, well sinking system, waterworks dredge system.

Our PVC Slotted Screens/ Water Filter Slotted PVC Tubes Advantage is:  

LIGHT WEIGHT Lighter weight than traditional pipes.

RESISTANT ERODE Resistant erode, with stable chemical property, which can resistant most of acid and alkali.


Service life long, at least 50 years at a set temperature and pressure.  

The PVC pipes, which can be processed the Slotted PVC screens are as below range:

Diameters: from 60 to 630 mm

Wall thicknesses: from 4,2 to 24,0 mm

Slots: from 0,2 to 5,0 mm

Also the PVC Screen Pipes can be processed with inner or outer thread, and sockets, flush joints, glue connections and so on.

The Package details is as below:

Packaging details:

1. Disposable package (bubble wrapping)

2. Plastic cloth

3. Bundled and fixed with wooden strips

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