89mm drill pipe for drilling rig

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E-75, X-95, G-105, S-135 and SS-105 Drill Pipe



3m 1.5m Wireline Drill Rod BQ NQ HQ PQ for whole Heat Treated thread

89mm DTH Drill Pipe for drilling rig

Production introduction:

Roschen drill pipe, it is shortened form of down the hole drill pipe, is a kind of outer spanner flat drill rods. It is mainly used in rotary percussive drilling that contains gases and liquids. Its main components include pipe tube(Rods) body and tool joints.

Roschen down the hole drill pipe is manufactured based on the API standards, according to specific requirements, we also provide this kind of drill pipe in different Chinese and American specifications.

For the drill pipe advantages, it has features of big rigidity, good sealing capacity, flat outer structure, and low torque and resistance when rotating. 

As for the packaging, a bundle of drill pipe will be packed by one set of steel frame, and a bundle of will hve 9 to 40 drill pipe according the size.

Production Process:


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