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Wireline Coring Drill Rods



Roschen HDD Process: Inspection

Roschen coring rods are case hardened on the pin thread to maximum hardness – 60 HRC, creating a significant hardness difference between pin and box. This difference minimizes wear compared to the rapid galling that other threads experience.



Roschen RQ wireline coring rods feature a combination of exclusive heat treatments and innovative engineering to provide the ultimate in performance and longevity. RQ drill rods are stronger, last longer, and offer easier make and break. Featuring innovative self-aligning, double-start threads, rod joints engage smoothly without wedging or jamming. RQ threads significantly improve depth capacity, productivity, and wear life.

Roschen Coring Rods HQ
3548216ROD, HQ 3.0 m ENHANCED88.977.8
3548214ROD, HQ 1.5 m ENHANCED88.977.8
51591ROD, HQ 1.0 m88.977.8
3548217ROD, HQ 10’ ENHANCED3.53.06
3548215ROD, HQ 5’ ENHANCED3.53.06
51569ROD, HQ 2’3.53.06
51568ROD, HQ 1’3.53.06

DecriptionOD(mm)ID(mm)Weight (Kg/3m)
Rod, BQ 3.0 m EnhancedΦ55.60Φ4618
Rod, NQ 3.0 m EnhancedΦ70.15Φ6023.4
Rod, HQ 3.0 m EnhancedΦ89Φ77.8035.5

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