Split Spoon Sampler

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UT100 and SPT Hammers



Standard Penetration Testing Calibration sampler

Split Spoon Sampler

Split Tube Sampler or Split Spoon Sampler is designed to take undisturbed soil samples using the drive weight method as per BS 1377. The split tube section is held together with a ball check valve head and a heat treated drive shoe.

The ball check assembly prevents washing out of the sample upon retrieval. Liners are available to facilitate transportation and security of the sample.

Head connection is generally with AW drill rod.

A complete set to conduct the SPT a contractor requires:

. Split Soon Sampler or Split Tube Sampler

. AW Drill Rod

. Automatic Drop Hammer or Automatic Trip Hammer

. Tripod Derrick or Core Drill Machine to conduct the SPT

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