Eccentric casing bit (ODEX Drilling Tools), Casing Pipe, Casing shoe

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Eccentric casing bit (ODEX Drilling Tools), Casing Pipe, Casing shoe 

Eccentric Casing bit is used to effectively drill holes in complicated formations such as loose ground, fractured formation and gravel layers, etc. Hole wall protection is usually needed during hole making process. 

Our Eccentric casing bit, casing pipe and casing shoe are commonly applied to complete high pressure jet grouting holes, cement grouting holes, anchor wire holes, drainage holes, blast hole, underwater blast hole, the holes for trenchless underground pipe line and cable installation. 

Due to our constant efforts, our eccentric casing bit has achieved a national patent. 


Casing sizeØ89Ø108Ø127Ø140Ø146Ø168Ø178Ø194Ø245Ø273
DHT hammer typeROS70ROS80ROS80ROS100ROS100ROS130ROS130ROS150ROS150ROS170
Enlarging hole diameterØ92Ø111Ø132Ø145Ø152Ø175Ø185Ø211Ø254Ø286
Inner diameter of casing shoeØ69Ø86Ø102Ø112Ø120Ø138Ø147Ø165Ø205Ø230


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