2” OD SPT Lynac Sampler

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Standard Penetration Test Tools



Heavy Duty SPT Lynac sampler

SPT Split Tube Samplers And Accessories

Roschen's SPT split tube samplers include a durable head, a split section designed with 4130 thermal-treated steel of the best quality.

These products are available in diameters of 2″, 2½”, 3″ or PW, whether with a standard fine thread shoe (8 threads per inch) or with a rapid shoe thread (4 threads per inch). Roschen also offers split tube sampler accessories, including steel and synthetic basket retainers, flap valves, and plastic liners.

SPT Split Spoon Shoes.
SPT split spoon shoes are made of high-grade steel and have been heat-treated to provide excellent wear resistance. The shoe’s interior diameter is slightly smaller than the sampling tube’s to allow for better recovery

Basket Retainers.
Indented outlet baskets allow the sample to penetrate before closing and securing the sample as it comes out of the ground. Available in rigid or soft plastic to suit all kinds of grounds, SPT basket retainers come in all standard formats.

Sampler Liners.
Made of durable plastic, sampler liners allow you to maximize sample recovery inside split spoons. To help preserve the entire recovered sample, plugs can be purchased to block the ends of the liners. Sampler liners are available in diameters from 1-1/2” to 2-1/2” and in 18” and 24” lengths.

Lynac sampler 2" x 24" 4 TPI AW connect10022404001
Split spoon shoe 2" 4 TPI10020004003
Basket retainer red med-hard 2"10020005106

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