Lynac Sampler

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SPT Split Tube Samplers And Accessories



Standard Penetration Test Equipment SPT Automatic Travel Hammer 2" 63.5kg

Lynac Sampler 

Heavy duty split tube Lynac Samplers is a heavy duty version of the standard split tube sampler. It is designed to better adapt to severe service under hard driving unlike the standard samplers. Coarse threads in the sampler head speeds assembly and disassembly and the shoe is heat treated to withstand exceptional abuse.

The standard length of the samples is 18" with 24" option. Ball check prevents washing out sample on withdrawal from the hole and the shoe is recessed to accommodate a trap valve and spring pr basket retainer.    

Standard Penetration Test Tools.

1. Drilling Rig.

2. Split spoon (tube).

3. Drop hammer 65 kg (140 lbs ).

4. Driving head (anvil).

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