Hollow Stem Augers

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Bullet Cutterhead



Continuous Flight Augers

Hollow Stem Augers

Hollow stem augers are manufactured from premium steel in a full range of sizes. A variety of bits and accessories are available to suit these augers. Note: Standard length is 5 ft (1.5m.) Alternative lengths, internal and external diameters are available on request.

1. Drive cap

2. Nut and bolt for rod to cap adaptor

3. Bushing nut

4. Locknut

5. Drive key

6. Rod to cap adaptor

7. Hollow stem auger

8. Drill rod

9. Pilot bit connector

10. Pilot bit (Step type; Apex type; Bullet type)

11. Cutter head (Carbide blade; Spade blade; Blade bullet; Spade bullet; Bullet type)

12. Knock-out wrench for bullet cutters

Auger Screw Bits and Carbide Drill Heads

Screw Bits

Screw bits are specially designed to eliminate a dead spot at the hole centre and bore clean holes through semi-consolidated clay, loam, soft shale and similar formations. Carbide faced screw bits are for consolidated rock and abrasive soil, where impact is minimal. Hard faced bits are for abrasive, high impact conditions.

Carbide Drill Heads

Carbide drill heads are recommended for all types of hard, uniform formations such as frozen ground, quartz and cemented conglomerates. The heads are designed to grind away non-fracturable rock by destroying its cohesive strength.

WARNING: Avoid impact or dropping auger onto carbides, as they may shatter.

Auger Accessories

Auger Retriever

An auger retriever allows catching hold of hollow stem augers lost down the hole. Outside type retrievers achieve a firm grasp on the flights of the lost auger while inside type can be used where space is restricted.. Retrievers are used with hollow stem augers and sizes are identified by auger l.D. Please check the auger l.D. before ordering the retriever


Auger Guide

Auger guides help position the borehole as vertically as possible. They mount on all Dando drills and are recommended for safe operation. Guides are used with all drill rigs and hollow stem auger sizes should be discussed prior to ordering.


Auger Holder

An auger holder is used to temporarily support hollow stem augers during removal of the drill string after soil sampling or monitoring well installation has been completed. Sizes are identified by auger l.D.


Auger Hoisting Assembly

An auger hoisting assembly is used when it is required to pull hollow stem augers vertically utilising the main hoist, as a part of the ground water monitoring or remediation well installation process. This technique allows the driller to pull more than five feet of auger at a time.


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