Hollow Stem Auger (HSA) S-Series Cutter Heads

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10 1/4″ (260mm) Triple Key Heavy Duty Hollow Stem Auger



4 1/4″ (108mm) Triple Key Hollow Stem Auger

Hollow Stem Auger (HSA) S-Series Cutter Heads

Hollow Stem Auger (HSA) S-Series Cutter Heads Replaceable shields mean longer head life, less wear damage to augers and big savings.

Our patented S-Series cutter heads feature replaceable shields that fit over the bit pockets. After normal wear, the inexpensive shields can be replaced before wear damage occurs to the outside edge of the bit pockets themselves.

Since these S-Series heads can be rebuilt in the field by simply replacing the shields or teeth, you won't need as many cutter heads in your inventory. And you’ll never have to start a hole with a head that’s questionable (which could mean big trouble if it fails downhole). Just install a new set of shields and teeth and you’re ready to go.

Another benefit of the S-series cutter heads is their interchangeable teeth. Depending on the material you are drilling, you can use conical, large conical with protective skirt, spade or 5S teeth… in any combination. This versatility also allows you to change teeth to match the formation as it changes. That way, you get the best penetration rates and longer tooth life. All of these features add up to substantial savings in annual tooling costs and better drilling efficiency.

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