5ft / 10ft Diamond Double Tube Wireline Core Barrel System CE ISO 9001/2008

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High Precision Wireline Core Barrel BQ NQ HQ PQ Series Male Rod Recovery Tap

5ft / 10ft Diamond Double Tube Wireline Core Barrel System


The head assembly provides: latching and pivoting spearpoint mechanisms to allow insertion and retrieval of the inner tube assembly, a bearing assembly to allow the inner tube to remain stationary and avoid sample damage while drilling, fluid pressure operating indications and fluid control valves.


All head assemblies incorporate a shut off valve assembly which provides a fluid pressure signal to the drill operator when the valve members are compressed, indicating a full or blocked inner tube.


Roschen head assembly features long life span, good compatibility with parts like inner tube and outer tube from other vendors, and availability in all spare parts.


All With ISO certificate & quality control.



1. NQ  HQ PQ head assembly manufacture

2. NQ  HQ PQ head assembly high quality

3. API&ISO NQ head assembly

4. Stocks is available


5ft / 10ft Diamond Double Tube Wireline Core Barrel System CE ISO 9001/2008 0

Core barrel introdution: 

Used in loose, broken stratigraphic or coal extraction and protect rock (mine) heart of drilling tools.

Double core tube and tube has outer pipe, rinses through joint between the internal and external tube water flow to the bottom of the hole, protecting cores from rinses washouts. Double core tube has double motion and single movement two kinds. Double motion and core tube is internal and external core tube following bit and drill stem rotation, it in no serious loose or broken strata.

Single movement double core tube internal and external tube has bearing isolation, pipe outer pipe driven only pick up bit rotation, and broken rock tube does not rotate, avoid to core friction, vibration, etc., with mechanical damage, so it in serious loose fractured formations.these, can be well protected cores.


Use double deck core tube take core, bits need to use wall thickness of the alloy drill or diamond bits.


Due to the rock drill contact surface area increased and the lip use double deck core tube than ordinary core tube drilling efficiency to reduce. In the ledge, coal, in order to guarantee rock (mineral) heart take rate, rules must be use double deck core tube coring. More complex double core tube, except to finish single movement, in addition, aluminum, steel tube placed plastic or qualitative buckled half close tube, have a better protection of the core role.


Double core tube card broken cores and seal block within the next port, the core tube by the drill is placed in the core card fault device (fern, card spring, claw reed, etc.) to finish.                 

Item No.Part NoItem Descriptions

NQ-A-1HQ-B-1Core Barrel Assy 1.52m/5 Ft

NQ-A-2HQ-B-2Core Barrel Assy 3.05m/10 Ft

NQ-A-3HQ-B-3Inner Tube Assy 1.52m/5 Ft

NQ-A-4HQ-B-4Inner Tube Assy 3.05m/10 Ft

NQ 0000HQ 0000Head Assy
1NQ 0001HQ 0001Spearhead Point
2NQ 0002HQ 0002Compression Spring
3NQ 0003HQ 0003Detent Plunger
4NQ 0004HQ 0004Spearhead Base
5NQ 0005HQ 0005Spirol Pin
6NQ 0006HQ 0006Latch Retracting Case
7NQ 0007HQ 0007Spirol Pin
8NQ 0008HQ 0008Bolt
9NQ 0009HQ 0009Washer
10NQ 0010HQ 0010Upper Latch Body
11NQ 0011HQ 0011Latch Spring
12NQ 0012HQ 0012Latch
13NQ 0013HQ 0013Link
14NQ 0014HQ 0014Spiring Pin
15NQ 0015HQ 0015Stainless Steel ball,22mm
16NQ 0016HQ 0016Landing Indicator Bushing
17NQ 0017HQ 0017Lading Shoulder
18NQ 0018HQ 0018Lower Latch Body
19NQ 0019HQ 0019Hex Nut
20NQ 0020HQ 0020Spindle
21NQ 0021HQ 0021Shut-off Valve,Hard
22NQ 0022HQ 0022Valve Adjusting Washer
23NQ 0023HQ 0023Thurst bearing
24NQ 0024HQ 0024Spindle  Bearing
25NQ 0025HQ 0025Hanger Bearing
26NQ 0026HQ 0026Compression Spring
27NQ 0027HQ 0027Self Lock Nut

NQ 0028HQ 0028Inner Tube Cap Assembly(28,29,30,31)
28NQ 0029HQ 0029Grease Fitting
29NQ 0030HQ 0030Stainless Steel ball
30NQ 0031HQ 0031Inner Tube Cap
31NQ 0032HQ 0032Check Valve Body
32NQ 0033152HQ 0033152Inner Tube 1.52m/5Ft
32NQ 0033305HQ 0033305innerTube 3.05m/10Ft
33NQ 0034HQ 0034Stop ring
34NQ 0035HQ 0035Core lifter
34NQ 0035HQ 0035Fluted Core lifter
35NQ 0036HQ 0036Core lifter Case
36NQ 0037HQ 0037Locking Coupling
37NQ 0038HQ 0038Adpter Coupling
38NQ 0039HQ 0039Landing Ring
39NQ 0040152HQ 0040152Outter Tube 1.52/5Ft
39NQ 0040306HQ 0040306Outter Tube 3.05m/10Ft
40NQ 0041HQ 0041Inner Tube Stablizer

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