High Precision Wireline Core Barrel BQ NQ HQ PQ Series Male Rod Recovery Tap

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5ft / 10ft Diamond Double Tube Wireline Core Barrel System CE ISO 9001/2008



Wireline Double tube core barrel NQ HQ PQ

High Precision Wireline Core Barrel BQ NQ HQ PQ Series Male Rod Recovery Tap


The rod tap uses the high quality alloy steel material with the advantages of high strength, high toughness and easy tapping.


We can provide BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ rod taps & BW, NW, HW (T), PW (T) taps with Chinese standard ones.



- available in all standard BQ NQ HQ PQ sizes 

- available in male type and female type 

- available in both right hand thread and left hand thread 

The screw tap ,produced by 20CrMnTi and Liquid SuLpho -Nitrocarburizing technique,has a long life and scientific structure.There are several descriptions.

We manufacture BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ Rod Taps & BW, NW, HW(T), PW(T) Taps and all Chinese standard ones.


About us:

Roschen is a Chinese specialist of geological exploration rigs and tools manufactory and supplier which is ISO 9001~2008 certified . The main products include : C5 mobile crawler-mounted surface coring drill rig with the drilling capacity 1200m (NQ), TDR-50 multifunction top drive rig, Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) Rigs ,RC6 water well drilling rig ,the easy-moving XZ-300A spindle-type core drill rig and XZL-200 Crawler-mounted Engineering drilling machine ,diamond core bits ,reaming shells ,drilling rods ,cemented carbide inserts and various wireline core drill tools . Also we distribute the full sets of Biomass Pellet Mill (Single machine output from1 to1.5 tons/h or 1.5~2 tons /h of pure sawdust pellets) and the feed machinery with spare parts.


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