Wireline Double tube core barrel NQ HQ PQ

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High Precision Wireline Core Barrel BQ NQ HQ PQ Series Male Rod Recovery Tap



wireline triple tube core barrel NQ3 HQ3 PQ3

wireline double tube core barrels are primarily used in deep coring. With an overshot device, they emilinate the need couple and uncouple rods string each time the core sample is retrieved.

Our head assembly features long life span, good compatibility with parts like inner tube and outer tube from other vendors, and availability in all spare parts. 

Wireline Double tube core barrel Specifications
SizeHole(mm)Core (mm)Head Thread
BQ59.336.2BQ Rod box
NQ75.247.6NQ Rod box
HQ95.663.5HQ Rod box
PQ12285PQ Rod box


1. Core bits and reaming shell are not supplied with the core barrel, and shall be ordered seperately.

2. 1.5m and 3.0m length core barrel are available.

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