Wireline WL threads Core Drilling Rod BWL NWL HWL PWL For Mining Exploration

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Superior Strength, Wear Resistance Wire Line Drill Rod 3m 1.5m B N H P Quality Heat Treated



DTH Drill Pipes

Wireline WL threads Core Drilling Rod BWL NWL HWL PWL For Mining Exploration



1. high quality alloy tube 

2. thru-wall heat treated tube body 

3. consistent concentricity, straightness 

4. tapered threads 

Heat treatment control:

Heat treatment will greatly improve the material strength and increase the thread wear life of the rods and casings. We conduct either tru-wall or both ends heat treatment to the tube body. After heat treatment, strength, hardness, straightness and concentricity of the treated tubes will be tested in our lab.

Thread opening process:  

Accuracy of threads will determine the use effects and life time of drill rod and casings. 

CNC latches and form cutter are used in thread opening processing to minimize error made by anthropic factors.


Additional thread treatment:

Surface of the threads will be cleaned to remove burr adhered after threads are opened.

Afterwards, the tread surface will be phosphated to improve surface conditions.


Material Inspection certificate

Wireline core drill rod  technical parameters:

Roschen can supply the following products: 

1) Drill rod: BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ


casing tube: BW, NW, HW, PW, HWT, PWT

2) Diamond Bit: impregnated diamond bits, tri-tube core barrel, PDC diamond bit

3) Reaming shell: BQ NQ HQ PQ series

4) Core barrel: BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ head assembly and parts and overshot assembly

5) Drill tool: lifting tool, wrench, adapter sub, hoisting plug, water swivel, overshot, outer tube & inner tube wrench,  foot clamp, recovery tap, etc.


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