412F Air flush Core Barrel for soft to medium hard rocks

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Triplex Coreliner System with core bit core lifter



Denison 3 1/2" Triple Tube Core Barrel for Recovers Undisturbed Samples

412F Air flush Core Barrel for soft to medium hard rocks


The 412F Air flush Core Barrel advantage is it can be optimized for the use of air flush


Technical Data


Core Barrel   Type


Hole Diameter   (mm)


Core Diameter   (mm)


Kerf / Crown   Thickness (mm)


Cutting Area   (cm2)


Hole Area (cm2)


Cutting Area   as % of Hole Area


Core Area (cm2)


Thread   Connection in Head*


Recommended   Casing


Conversion to   triple tube possible


Cross-over sub required for drill rods not matching the thread connection in core barrel head

Key to Main Parts of 412F Core Barrel Assembly


Complete core barrel consists of:


1.  Core Barrel Head

2.  Inner Tube 1.5m or 3.0m

3. Outer Tube 1.5m or 3.0m

4. Inner Tube Extension

5. Core Lifter

6. Core Lifter Case


Core Bit is not supplied as part of the core barrel assembly, but must be chosen correctly to match the particular application and rock formation.

Applications and functions:

  1. 412F Air flush Core Barrel is often used for open-cast coal exploration and general geotechnical coring in situations where it is not desirable to use air as the flushing medium. It is designed for coring in soft to medium hard rocks using air as the flushing medium.

  2. What is essential for cooling the bit and uplifting rock cuttings from the borehole? The large annular space between the inner and outer tubes, in combination with face-discharge core bit designs, allows a large volume of air to reach the face of the bit.

  3. This core barrel has proved to be very effective when used with PCD core bits, giving a fast rate of penetration and good core recovery

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