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Anchor Drill Rig

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This machine conforms to the standard of GB11818-89 <Technical Requirements of Concrete Drilling and Core-Taking Machine>


1) Any specifications of drill bits can be produce against requirements   

2) The drills of our factory can be matched with various brand machine manufacturers    

Core drill bits specifications
Inner diameter x Length (mm)Outer diameter x Length (mm)

The core drill rig can also drill cores for other non-metallic brittle and hard materials, such as refractory materials, ceramics, and rocks. RS-20 concrete core drilling machine is mainly used for core drilling of hardened concrete in buildings, highways, airports, docks, dams, etc. It has simple operation, convenient machine movement, accurate core drilling, and smooth core surface And, there is no accidental damage to the core sample, which is indispensable for the highway traffic department, construction department and related colleges and universities.

1. Scope of application of RS-20 drilling rig: RS-20 drilling rig is powered by gasoline engine, easy to start, reliable operation, easy to operate, and equipped with artificial synthetic diamond thin-wall drill, mainly used for highways, airports, ports, docks , Dams and other concrete projects, a new series of products for drilling and coring. This machine can take cores of 400-5000mm, mainly on high-grade highways to take concrete, limestone, foundation, etc. for compression and bending tests. Scientific research core is also very ideal.

In addition, the rig can also drill cores for other non-metallic brittle and hard materials, such as refractory materials, ceramics, glass, and rock.

2. The components of the RS-20 concrete drilling core machine: the drilling rig is a vertical structure with two columns. The drilling direction is vertically downwards. It consists of a gasoline engine, gearbox, main shaft, drill bit, column, base lifting structure, and cooling feed pump. , Walking mechanism, etc. The rig is made of alloy steel helical gears. The tooth surface is quenched at high frequency and can be durable. A pair of triangle pulleys are used to drive the artificial diamond drill to rotate. The lifting structure adopts advanced ball screws to make it easy and convenient. The uprights use thick-walled seamless steel tubes , After precision grinding, hard chrome plated surface treatment, so that the drill rotates counterclockwise and moves up and down to achieve the purpose of drilling or coring.

RS-20 concrete drilling core machine (5.5 horsepower Yamaha machine, 8.5 horsepower imported Yamaha machine, 9 horsepower Honda machine, 10 horsepower Yamaha machine, 12 horsepower Yamaha machine, 13 horsepower Honda machine)

RS-20B type multifunctional concrete drilling core machine (5.5 horsepower Yamaha machine, 8.5 horsepower Yamaha machine) (hereinafter referred to as drilling rig) is a new type of construction machinery for mechanical drilling of concrete, it is easy to operate, light and flexible, and easy to move It does not require power supply, the drilling rig and sampling size are accurate, the surface after drilling is smooth, and there is no accidental damage to the drilled objects. It is an ideal road inspection equipment.

3. Technical parameters of RS-20 concrete core drilling machine:

Gasoline engine model: MZ-175 MZ-250     

Brand: Yamaha                    

Gasoline engine model: Gx160 Gx270 GX390

Brand: Honda      

Power: 3.3KW-11.4KW   

Speed: 3600r/min

1). Model: RS-20   

2). Core diameter for large drilling: Φ200mm   

3). Core drilling depth for large drilling: 400-5000mm (can be equipped with extension rod 30cm/root)    

4). Drilling direction: vertically downward   

5). Feeding method: manual, automatic   

6). Spindle speed: 800-1200             

7). Drill form: artificial diamond thin-wall drill   

8). Supporting power: gasoline engine         

9). Dimensions (L×W×H): 1080×780×1150mm    

10). Weight: 210kg

4. The drill bit for RS-20 drilling rig: ∮50×400/700mm ∮75×400/700mm ∮100×400/700mm∮150×400/700mm ∮200×400/700mm can be configured according to your needs.


Our company specializes in producing all kinds of concrete core drilling machines, price concessions, quality assurance, beautiful appearance, welcome friends to call to discuss!

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