for fishing drill rods, oil pipes, casings

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In Drilling and word over operation, Roschen type releasing spear is a tool mainly used for fishing of drill pipe, oil pipe and casing from fish hole. It can be used with internal cutter bumper jar etc.

Releasing Spear


The releasing spear, as a kind of fishing tool, is typically used for fishing drill rods, oil pipes, casings, etc. in the oil drilling industry. It has simple structure, high strength, and works from the inside diameter of the fish.

Releasing Spear Advantages: 

1. Check the catch size, and make sure the outer diameter of releasing spear should be 1-2mm larger than the inner diameter of fish.

2. Grease the screw of the mandrel.

3. Fasten the nipple and fix the slips at the position where the release ring can be blocked.

4. The fishing drilling configuration usually consists of releasing spear, bumper sub and driller.

Technical Parameters

TypeInner Diameter of fishTensile loadLeft-hand Thread
LM-114Φ80Φ88.9Φ90Φ93.7 Φ95.3Φ97.2470KNNC38,NC50
LM-168Φ144.2Φ147.1Φ150.4 Φ151.5Φ153.71090KNNC50
LM-245Φ216.8Φ220.5Φ224.4 Φ245.4Φ3302400KN6-5/8REG
LM-340Φ313.6Φ315.3Φ317.9 Φ320.4Φ322.92600KN6-5/8REG

Roschen Full Circle Releasing Spears are used to internally engage and retrieve all sizes of tubing, drill pipe, and casing.

It may be used with internal cutters for cut and pull operations. Full Circle Releasing Spears are designed to evenly distribute expansion strain over a long vertical section of a fish and ensure positive internal engagement. The design of the slips and the effect of the body tapers upon the slips permits tremendous pulling and jarring strains with no danger of distortion to the fish. 

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