Automatic Trip Hammer

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SPT trip hammer



Automatic trip hammer

Automatic Trip Hammer

While conducting soil investigation or geotechnical test, contractors require Automatic Trip Hammer / Free Fall Hammer to conduct the SPT (Standard Penetration Test).

This automatic trip hammer is designed to push or hammer the Split Spoon Sampler with a standard weight of 63.5 Kg with exact length of 75cm fall.

Automatic trip hammer eliminates the human error of measurement and lifting the weight and then dropping on split tube sampler.

Test Procedure as described in the British Standard BS EN ISO 22476-3 , ASTM D 1586 and IS 2131

Hammer is generally provided with AW box thread to carry out SPT test with standard AW drill rod as per BS 1377.

Roschen manufacture Split Spoon Sampler or Split Tube Sampler also.

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